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About Us

“Our programs are based on a support and enrichment model aimed at helping young people overcome some of the obstacles that prevent them from achieving their goals.”

Our Mission

In collaboration with local community organizations, schools, and parents, Cry of the Children seeks to help youth obtain the tools they need to build and maintain successful relationships with parents, teachers, and the larger community of Bloomington, Monroe County, Indiana.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a positive, fulfilling outlet which allows children to express their creative talent. Cry of the Children Inc. will foster such an environment through the mind, body, and spirit. The programs are based on a support and enrichment model aimed at assisting the young person to overcome some of the obstacles that prevent them from achieving their goals.

Why Cry Of the Children

In 1995, our program had its first person affected by the Cry of the Children, Shakay Norris. We saw what it did for Shakay and her teammates; how it built self-esteem, and character, made them feel like they were a part of the school, and how they created this opportunity all by themselves. Not only did they create this opportunity for themselves but they passed the journey on to 21 other students and we are so glad that they have decided to continue this journey with us.


What Do We Do?

We have nothing but the future in mind here at Cry of the Children.  We aren’t only an organization that sculpts kids’ minds and provides structure, but we also provide for our community here in Bloomington, Indiana. Partnering with other organizations like The Second Baptist Church to be able to rebuild the community with support systems in place for children and those who need help.

Meet The Board Of Directors



Mrs. Dellsie Boddie


Vice President

David Barber


Education and Program Consultant

Ms. Arvella Boddie

Our History

Cry of the Children Inc. was founded in 1995. Dellsie organized a group of high school students to join a dance group where they can express themselves and be kids. Dellsie continued to provide her wisdom, support, and structure to these kids and others that wanted to join. As time passed, the group grew in size and more kids needed more support like the dance group needed so Dellsie created Cry of the Children to bring more love and support to the children and the community. Today cry of children strives to bring the same love and support she gave to the kids, to anyone who enters this program. “If we can we do.”


Awards and Recognition

Cry of the Children’s success and accomplishments have not gone unnoticed in the community of Bloomington, IN. Through the years we have been recognized by our different programs, extracurriculars, and staff that make Cry of the Children special. 

We have been awarded: 

  • Toby Strout Lifetime Achievement Award: Dellsie Boddie was recognized for her achievements and service in the community.

  • Step Team: “The Bad Boys” 1997 State Championships

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